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The Board of Directors

including responsibilities of Directors, the role of the Board of Directors, Florida statutes, how BODs organize, their officers, committees, conducting effective meetings, Robert’s Rules of Order, working relationship with MMS, and a detailed listing of MMS services.


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So You Want To Be A Director

is designed to give owners who are considering becoming candidates insights into Director and Board responsibilities and functions.


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Understanding Financial Statements

enables “non-financial” Directors to gain important insights into their association’s reports – presented in layman’s terms.


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Conducting Efficient & Effective Meetings

reviews key principles including Robert’s Rules, developing the agenda, guidelines for the meeting leader and participants.


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The Architectural Review Function

covers the responsibilities and authorities of the ARB, their relationship with the Board of Directors, key principles for successful architectural review and Florida’s Sunshine Law.


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Managing The Compliance Function

includes developing a compliance program, effective approaches to gain compliance and options available to the Board of Directors.


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The Transition Seminar

explains what Turnover is all about, the steps leading to a thorough Turnover and training for owners who wish to serve on a Transition committee.


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The Ideal Working Relationship Between Your Association and MAY Management

covers the services we provide, the responsibilities of the MAY Service Team and the elements of a productive working relationship.


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