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Additional Services

Architectural and Developmental Projects

Whether you are adding on to your existing property, building one home or an entire master community, our team has the technical and hands on experience to help you through design concepts, implementation, buildout and developer turnover.

MAY Management is committed to ensuring developers and builders have thorough guidance through the process of establishing an HOA. We ensure that our builder and developer representatives are well-educated and well-informed about the civil code pertaining to homeowners and condominium associations. We understand the importance of sales to a builder; therefore, we work hand-in-hand with all sales associates to ensure that questions are answered thoroughly and properly. Because each of our builders/developers are unique, we cater to their specific needs.

Customized Architectural Design Guidelines

For newer communities, as well as aging, architectural standards need to be set and guidelines need to be in place ensuring a uniform community standard is established. Our management team will guide you through this arduous process ensuring standards are in place and followed by its members after adoption of the standard.

Bond Monitoring

We monitor your performance bonds on a monthly basis and exonerate as release requirements are met to get them off your books and avoid unnecessary renewals.

Recruiting and Financial Development

Recruit, hire, train, and supervise your onsite manager to seamlessly integrate their skills and services into your community’s newly established lifestyle.

Our client financial services extend to attending Board and Finance committee meetings to develop budgets, review financial reports and maintain long term financial planning for the community.

Sales Team Messaging

We will work with your sales team to ensure consistent messaging and clear communication to your homebuyers to avoid confusion and potential frustration.

Vendor Contracts

Strong vendor partnerships are crucial to your community. We only partner with vendors that have high integrity and excellent customer service, coupled with great expertise in their field.