Management Services Fort Myers FL

We offer premium HOA and Condo Management in Fort Myers for all budgets

Running an entire community can be extremely hectic. Homeowner associations are built to manage multiple affairs of a community while balancing the needs and requirements of the residents. At MAY Management Services Inc. we watch over all the duties on behalf of the board members in an organized manner.


Here’s why you should hire us for your HOA Management in Fort Myers, Florida:

  • As a third-party management firm, we deal with all the issues within a large community giving them an equal priority.
  • The property managers at our company provide proper guidance to the board member so that they can excel at their duties.
  • We execute the policies and directives approved by the board of directors flawlessly to make sure everything is in balance in the community.
  • We help you manage the records of the association and the document transaction so that everything is in order in the community as well as being transparent for to your members.
  • Homeowners can rely on us for taking care of all the individual needs guaranteeing the enjoyment of the members of a homeowners association.

Property Management

We make sure everything is in order within your community with our seamless Property and association Financial Management in Fort Myers.

  • Our team at MAY Management Services Inc. delivers the complete and detailed finance report every month to the board of directors.
  • Financial reports are analyzed by our accounting managers before they are delivered to the clients.
  • We can also attend the meetings of the finance committee and board members to help them craft the perfect budget and long-term financial plans.

Project Management

We have a highly trained and experienced management team for any type of Project Management in captive  within a community, from building painting to full roof replacement. Our team members also offer architectural guidance to the community members.