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MAY Management is committed to providing on-going professional development and training to help individuals serving on Boards and Leadership Teams with the tools they need to better manage the business of their associations. We encourage all Board of Directors, Property Managers and Administrative teams to attend our client specialty seminars. We educate your homeowners on association operations helping them understand their responsibility by reviewing governing documents with them.

All MAY team members participate in monthly programs conducted by our in house training department and are designed to satisfy your unique requirements. We incorporate periodic updates to help you stay informed about policies impacting your community. When maintenance technicians are hired, they complete an intensive onboarding program meeting with our trainers for on-the job training, using approved curriculum for hours completed. This includes our state-certified pool certification trainer that gives the technical clearance to perform maintenance on public pools within your communities.

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The Board of Directors

including responsibilities of Directors, the role of the Board of Directors, Florida statutes, how BODs organize, their officers, committees, conducting effective meetings, Robert’s Rules of Order, working relationship with MMS, and a detailed listing of MMS services.

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