5 reasons to say YES to a premier Condo Management Company in Jacksonville Florida

MAY Management Services

Whether you have a small or large condominium complex, a mid-rise or high-rise condo, or a master-planned community association, working with an experienced association management company they will provide significant benefits. The more benefits you may gain from such a collaboration, the better lifestyle your community can offer its residents and reduce frustration.

The right condo management company will save your association time, money and make serving on an association board less frustrating and less confrontational. MAY Management Services Inc. is the leader of Condo Management Companies in Jacksonville, FL, and has been serving clients since 1988 making it one of that longest running association management firms in Florida. We have the experience to lead your property into the future, successfully together.

Why should you work with an experienced Condo Management company?

Reduce accountability:

Board members are nonetheless accountable to their association members however having proper management in place allows this accountability to be spread out and managed in the right way. Board members no longer have to be concerned about the specifics of day-to-day property administration when working with MAY, we handle all the stress and headache while giving you the information to give the proper direction.

Our management firm is available when needed, not just during association board meetings, being available for the needs of our clients when they need us.

Our managers will submit extensive documentation to the board regarding the specific project or issue, including proposals or solutions for the board ensuring they have all the information they need to make proper educated decision. When specific problems develop, board members do not have to deal with them; instead, they can refer the matter to MAY management and we will handle the headaches.

Prepare a proper budget:

When you engage with MAY Management, you can expect we have right people, tools, reporting and techniques in place to help you build a budget that will benefit both the board and your members.

For more than three decades, the Best Property Management companies in Butler Beach, FLwe have been implementing effective, fact-based budgets that are easy to read, understand and backed up by proper historical financial reporting data to justify the coming years expenses. We always review historical financial reporting prior to budget preparation identifying trends and potential shortfalls before sending out to the community. Included in our association accounting services is the maintenance of the comprehensive reserve study in place to ensure your community is planning properly for the future, not just the present.

Compliance Monitoring:

Condo Managers in Bonita Springs, FL will inspect and enforce all condo community policies and practices on behalf of the board and residents, reducing the perception of unfair and poor treatment. Allowing our management team to oversee all enforcement of community rules eliminates personal prejudice and related difficulties, which is optimal for any community’s long-term prosperity and resident happiness.

First-hand experience:

Because of a lack of historical experience and implementations, self-managed communities may struggle with many issues including resident conflicts, setting and maintaining community standards, troubles enforcing rules and more. A competent condo association management company like MAY Management Services Inc. provides extensive historical experience and first-hand expertise, not to mention the ability to handle a wide range of large and minor conflicts. MAY management also has capabilities and connections that can aid in the seamless operation of the association, including disaster remediation, project management, bidding processes and after storm assistance/ insurance claim guidance.

Proper management adds value on the property:

When you live in a professionally managed community, you can rest assure that it will look and feel elitist. Details are no longer lost in the shuffle. The value of a community increases when facilities are not only maintained, but also often times improved by attention to detail. We believe a premier management company is an investment, not an expense.

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