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association management company in Naples, FL

By MAY Management Services

Managing the business affairs of the association corporation while simultaneously satisfying every need and requirement of the community members is laboursome and complex. Effectively organizing and running a HOA community Association is not an easy task. Most of the time, the duties are boundless and quite tough to achieve. When these tasks overwhelm the HOA, they should consider hiring a professional community association managers in Naples, FL for flawless accounting and property management of the neighbourhood.

What does May Management offer that other property management firms don’t?

First and foremost, we answer our phones, and communicate effectively, which is a typical complaint when we meet potential clients coming from other association management companies. We are a turnkey solution for your property to be managed without demands on the board or frustration to the members of the community. Combining technology and people is crucial to our business so we have several ways to enhance your service over other firms.

Our approach to property and association financial accounting management is all about transparency and processes that allow the board to view financials at their fingertips in real-time, approve, question or deny financial transactions giving the board control from anywhere in the world. Not to leave out the board’s full access to our in house CPA whom has years of compliance and a full understanding of statutes applicable to Florida Condo, HOA and Timeshare law.

Our Community association managers not only have experience and vast training behind them but we provide each property technology and software tools to track work orders, track compliance (violation) issues and to streamline records management through a secure lockbox. All of these tools we have found are key to successful property management.

How efficiently does May Management work?

By combining the latest software technology, years of upper level management oversight experience and continual training to our staff, we streamline processes for ease and manage your community as if we live at the property we service.

Our leadership team provides architectural guidance to the community associations as well. The expert team of members is ready to manage the entire process of development of the community offering valuable inputs from construction management to project management.

The services provided by MAY Management have been proven to be highly efficient for the developers and builders as well as the homeowners before, during and after developer turnover.

With their compliant administration service, the company makes sure that the homeowners and the HOA follow all the rules and regulations of association covenants and the law.

We believe that the board and community members need to be fully aware of the concept of community management before we commit to a property. That is why we offer valuable courses on these matters free of charge, as often as desired.

Why should you choose May?

Formed in 1988, MAY management has been providing quality community association management in St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, Palm Coast, St. Johns, World Golf Village and Jacksonville, FL for decades.  For a safe and for better community- living, many HOA and condominiums have been relying on us and our exemplary services for years. We have become a leader in community project management in and all around Jacksonville FL. All the plans and coordination of a project are perfectly executed fulfilling every requirement of the community. Armed with more than 30 years of experience in the field, MAY Management is leading the way with satisfied communities all over Florida. We are now serving Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero and Fort Myers as we expand throughout all of Florida.

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